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What Types of Woods Are Best for Your Custom Interior Doors?

When it comes to custom interior doors, the list of wood types is virtually endless.

The truth is that all homes have different styles and needs. And when it comes to custom wood doors, the perfect fit for one home might not be the best option in another.

Listed below are some of the best wood types for custom interior doors in Toronto!


If you’re looking to equip your home with a set of modern custom doors, consider poplar as your wood of choice.

Poplar’s light brown hue, fine wood grain, and generally knotless consistency provide a
smooth surface for painting—allowing you to opt for your preferred colour. Poplar also
happens to be fairly inexpensive compared to many other types of woods. So it is a cost-effective and perfect choice when it comes to custom wood doors.


Alder is one of the most popular choices for custom interior doors in Toronto and it’s easy to see why. First, it’s among some of the more affordable options on the market. 

What’s more, this type of wood boasts plenty of character due to its prominent wood
grain and many knots. While painting your alder custom door might not yield the best results,
you can easily showcase the wood’s natural charm with a stain finish!


If you’re looking for a high-quality hardwood that will retain its value when you sell your
home, maple is an excellent choice for your new custom wood door. While more costly than some of the softer woods on the market, maple still manages to be a more affordable alternative to mahogany and other hardwoods.

Known for its density, strength, and longevity, maple doesn’t chip, dent, or scratch
easily. Like alder, the wood’s dense grain is best showcased with a stain finish.


Cherry is yet another popular choice of hardwood, largely because of its unique reddish-brown colour, wavy grain, and smooth texture.

One caveat worth mentioning is that the cherry’s colour often darkens over time, typically when the wood is exposed to sunlight. When it is used for a custom wood interior door, however, colour changes should be minimal.


Walnut is a hardwood that is used for not only doors but also bedframes, dining tables, flooring, and other furniture. Its unmistakable chocolate colour and spiral wood grain patterns can inject a sense of warmth into any style of home.

While a walnut door might be more expensive than the average door, its energy-efficient properties can save you money in the long run. Use a clear stain to bring the door’s beautifully warm colours to life!


Mahogany, although more expensive than many other kinds of wood, is a popular choice for custom door projects. Known for its rich dark tones and easily recognizable pattern, mahogany requires very little in terms of finishing.

Because of its density and durability, a mahogany custom door is able to withstand all types of conditions and temperatures—making it a fantastic investment piece for your home!

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