Wood Stain Colours

When you need a finish that will bring out wood’s natural beauty, Traditional Door has you covered with the best stain colours for doors.

The truth is that no brand new custom door is complete without its final touch—a gorgeous wood stain finish. Unlike paint—which often masks the textures and qualities of the wood beneath—a high-quality wood stain only brings out the beauty of the wood.

All stain colours above are shown on Flat-Cut Red Oak wood. Please note that every wood type accepts stain differently, so the colours will vary when applied to different wood species. We do not advise selecting stain colours based on the photos above. For a true depiction of the colour, please visit our showroom. We display every stain colour shown on three wood species: Flat-Cut Red Oak, Mahogany and Accoya

Benefits of a Stain Finish

Additionally, a stain finish protects a custom wood door in multiple ways. For one, it safeguards the wood against harmful UV rays, dirt, debris, and other elements. It also seals the pores of the wood so that it doesn’t absorb water and become warped as a result.

Simply put, choosing the perfect stain finish for your custom wood door will elevate it to another level entirely.

One of the advantages of choosing Traditional Door for all of your custom wood door needs is that we offer a wide range of the best stain colours for doors. Whether you would prefer a dark brown, light brown, or reddish hue, rest assured that we have a broad selection of options to suit both your door and home.

What’s more, our wood stain products can be applied to the exterior and interior doors alike, allowing you to mix or match wood stain colours throughout your home as you see fit

Regardless of the style of custom door you need—whether it’s a simple panelled door, a pair of French doors, or a front entry door, we have the perfect wood stain colour for you.

The wood stain colours pictured above are shown on flat-cut red oak, but each of these stains can be applied to flat-cut red oak, mahogany, and Accoya—three of our most popular species of wood. Keep in mind, however, that wood species will accept stains differently. A wood stain that is applied to one type of wood might have a slightly varied appearance when it is applied to another type of wood.

As shown in the image above, here is our current selection of the best stain colours for doors:

  •  W-210 dark walnut
  • W-238 fumed oak
  • W-239 pecan
  • W-240 black
  •  W-247 gunstock walnut
  •  W-260 brown mahogany
  •  W-261 red mahogany
  • W-263 brown cherry
  • W-268 regency mahogany
  •  W-355 heritage walnut

At Traditional Door, not only can we manufacture your custom wood doors and finish them with your stain products of choice, but we can also collaborate with you during the design process—helping you choose the best stain colours for the doors you are ordering.

After all, there are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a wood stain colour— including the undertones of the wood, the lighting in your home, and the colours of any surrounding furniture and décor. As our in-house design experts boast years of experience working with various wood species and wood stain products, they know which stains are most likely to complement your new custom wood door—and most importantly, your entire home!

Do you need help choosing the best stain colours for doors? Get in touch with the team at Traditional Door today. We would be happy to help you design and build the perfect custom wood door for your home! You can contact us online or give us a call at 416-747-1992.