Interior French Doors Gallery

Beautify your entire home with world-class interior French doors

If you’re looking to make your home appear more elegant, bright, and spacious, interior French doors are an excellent choice. They typically feature a pair of wooden doors that swing inwards or outwards from the centre and are complete with high-quality glass panels and your choice of custom hardware.

Custom made interior French doors are a wise investment for a few reasons. Below, you will find a gallery of the interior French doors we currently offer. We encourage you to browse our many options and contact Traditional Door today to order the best custom made interior French doors in Toronto!

As you can see, beyond their aesthetic beauty and the value they can add to your home, interior French doors are very practical. Unlike your average solid wood door, they allow more light to penetrate a room and allow you to see through from one room to the next—making your home appear more open.

This additional light and sense of space not only has the potential to enhance the overall mood of your home but also make a great impression on family members, friends, and guests alike. For the best interior French doors in Toronto, you will need to contact a reputable custom door manufacturer.

Choose Traditional Door for the Best Interior French Doors in Toronto

At Traditional Door, we have been designing, crafting, and delivering high-quality custom doors for over 25 years—including some of the finest interior French doors in all of North America.

From swinging French doors with multiple glass panels to sliding doors and doors with single glass panels, we offer more than two-dozen unique French door concepts for you to consider. Of course, all of our interior French doors can be fully customized and tailored your home’s specific needs.

Every project starts in the design phase, where one of our experts will help bring your vision for custom doors to life. Once our craftsmen receive custom drawings, they will build your interior French doors in Ontario to perfection, finish them with your choice of wood stain, and add any final touches before delivering them directly to you to be installed by a professional.