Reclaimed Doors

Create an Impressive Effect with Reclaimed Wood Doors from Traditional Door Design

reclaimedAn antique door can add a beautiful, rustic finish to your home, but it’s practically impossible to recreate the effect without naturally aged wood.

At Traditional Door, we specialize in using antique woods to craft stunning exterior and interior doors for all types of homes.  Our teams carefully source reclaimed wood to deliver pieces with real history, and the results are absolutely outstanding.

Choose enchanting doors made from elm, hemlock, pine, and oak. We also offer a variety of stain colors and decorative wrought iron accents, including handle sets and hinges that will complement this rustic, old world look.

Reclaimed wood has a captivating presence, and our goal is to create impressive products that immediately accent the best features and unique aesthetics of any home.  You can select any of the designs in our gallery for your project or our designers can work with you to create a custom look.  Each of our doors are built to last, and we create all of our products at our Ontario facility to ensure consistent results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Reclaimed Wood Doors in Toronto

Are custom reclaimed wood doors made from real wood?


Yes, custom reclaimed wood doors are made from real, older wood that has been processed and repurposed.

Is reclaimed wood more affordable than new wood?


Reclaimed wood is often more expensive than new wood you buy from a store due to the rigorous process it undergoes.

Are custom reclaimed wood doors durable?


Reclaimed wood, once it has been processed, is often more durable than new wood because it is allowed more time to grow and is harvested from older forests.

What is the most common reclaimed wood?


There are many different reclaimed wood species but the most popular options include oak, elm, hemlock, pine, cedar, redwood, and fir.

Do interior French doors always have glass?


Yes, glass is the typically the main feature in a set of interior French doors. It allows natural light to pass from room to room.

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