Interior French Doors

Elegant Interior French Doors with Impressive Glass Selections

Traditional Door Design and Millwork provides solid wood French doors for all interior applications.  We use beautiful, high-quality woods when building our products, and our flexible design choices give you complete control over your project.


French doors are a popular option for separating interior rooms, and, when used properly, they can completely change the character of any space.  They provide separation while still maintaining a sense of open space.  With proper accents, they can also provide an elegant focal point.  Interior French doors work especially well in kitchens, dining areas, master bedrooms, and entertainment rooms, but in order to create a balanced look, you need to choose high-quality doors from a reputable provider.

IntFrench_2-(from-Paolo-Desktop)At Traditional Door, we are proud to offer versatile options for every type of property.  Outfit modern rooms with a contemporary set of doors to highlight open space or opt for a more elegant look with intricate glass designs.  You can also choose from a variety of moulding options, and whether you purchase a standard or custom size, our craftsmen always deliver dependable results.

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