What is a custom door?

Simply put, a custom door is any door that can be tailored to your own specifications and preferences.

How is a custom door made?

To start, one of our in-house designers will collaborate with you and deliver a set of professional drawings for your door concept. Once approved, the drawings are sent to our manufacturing plant, where our expert craftsmen will build your door before it is shipped directly to you!

What are some of the best door materials?

Wood is the most popular option for exterior and interior doors alike, as it is extremely versatile. Fiberglass and steel are also top options.

How long do wood doors last?

While the lifespan of your door will be largely dependent on the type of wood you choose and the level at which you maintain it, a custom wood door should last for a minimum of 20 years.

How much do custom wood doors cost?

A custom wood door may cost as little as $3,000 or as much as $15,000, depending on the materials you choose and the level of customization.

What accessories come with a custom wood door?

There are various ways to accessorize your custom wood door, and most of them are entirely optional. While most custom doors will require basic hardware, you might also consider custom glasswork or a locking system (if it’s a front entry door).

Which wood is most suitable for the main door?

For most exterior doors, you should choose a wood that is strong, dense, and durable—such as mahogany, oak, cedar, or walnut.

What is the standard thickness of a wood door?

The standard thickness of an exterior door is 1-3/4 inches, while the standard thickness of an interior door is 1-3/8 inches.

What door is most suitable for the bedroom?

While paneled doors are a popular choice for most bedrooms, master bedrooms are often enhanced with interior barn or French doors.

What are some other types of doors?

While wood doors are most common, other door materials include steel, fiberglass, glass, aluminum, and more.

How do you pick a front door colour?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing the colour for your custom front door. You will need to consider the colour of your home, the style of your home, and the style of the door itself to determine whether your preferred colour is a good fit.

Are custom wood doors secure?

Yes, custom wood doors are extremely secure, and are an excellent choice for exterior
and interior doors alike.

Are custom wood doors energy-efficient?

While fiberglass is typically the more energy-efficient option, selecting a thick hardwood for your exterior door will help insulate your home.

When should you not get a custom wood door?

As wood absorbs moisture, a custom wood door might not be an ideal option in areas that experience high humidity, excessive rainfall, or heavy snowfall.

What is the cheapest wood that is used for custom doors?

There are a handful of affordable wood options that can be used for your custom doors. Alder, poplar, and pine are among the cheapest options for interior doors, while ash and pine are two of the more inexpensive options for exterior doors.

Do you have other questions about custom wood doors? Be sure to contact Traditional Door today. One of our experts would be happy to answer them for you!