Mouldings Gallery

Enhance the aesthetic of your entire home with elegant custom mouldings.

Mouldings are a vital but often-overlooked component of interior design. If you’re looking to ways to elevate your home’s appearance, however, adding custom wood mouldings can help you achieve just that.

These decorative pieces of trim are typically installed at the transitions between ceilings, walls, doors, and floors with the purpose of bringing eye-catching architectural details and an added sense of dimension to your home’s interior. Below, you will find a gallery filled with images of more than 60 types of mouldings we offer.  We encourage you to browse our many options and contact Traditional Door today to find the perfect custom solutions for your doors and mouldings today!

If you are ordering custom interior doors for your home, this is an ideal time to also order custom mouldings. Unfortunately, not all door manufacturers in Toronto are able to deliver high-quality custom mouldings.

Traditional Door Has Been an Industry Leader in Custom Doors and Mouldings for Over 25 Years

At Traditional Door, we are known for not only designing, crafting, and delivering outstanding custom doors but also making high-quality custom mouldings to complement your home.

In total, we offer well over 60 different types of custom mouldings for you to choose from—with styles ranging from elaborate and elegant to simple and modern. Whether you need casing to place around your doors and windows, crown moulding, baseboards, wainscoting, or chair rails, rest assured that we have the perfect option waiting for you.

As one of the top door manufacturers in Toronto, we also offer various woods for you to pair with your custom moulding design—including pine, cedar, poplar, oak, and other types.

If there are a particular style you want to customize to better suit your home, simply ask one of our knowledgeable designers. On every project, we make custom drawings for your set fo mouldings before handing them to our expert craftsmen to manufacture. Once your custom mouldings have been built and finished, the final product will be delivered right to your front door so that they are ready to install!