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5 Styles to Consider for Your Custom Interior Doors

Which style should you choose for your home’s interior doors?

As is the case with any home design or remodelling project, there are all kinds of important factors you should consider before making a final decision — such as the style of your home, how much natural sunlight shines through, and of course, your own personality and flair.
Without further ado, here are five of the most popular styles to consider for your custom interior doors!

1. Flush Doors

Flush doors are your simple, stock-standard, no-frills interior doors. These doors are wildly popular — not because they boast incredible detail or ornamentation, but because they are significantly more affordable than most other styles.

What’s more, the style’s simplicity lends itself to versatility. A flush door can be used in almost any scenario, making it a very safe choice for all of your custom interior doors!

2. Paneled Doors

Paneled doors are fairly similar to flush doors with the exception of a few design details. These doors, of course, include panels — raised or recessed sections of wood that give the door some added dimension.

In theory, you can choose to adorn an interior paneled door with any number of panels; though the most common paneled door features four equal recessed panels. Paneled doors can be painted, stained, or left entirely unfinished!

3. Barn Doors

Barn doors are very popular among homeowners who want to use their interior doors to add a sense of character, warmth, or charm to a room. While not quite as versatile as conventional flush doors, barn doors can accommodate single and double door designs.

These doors typically hang from a top rail, and slide horizontally to open and close. Unfinished or stained barn doors can add more natural rustic look to a room, but you can also opt to paint them!

4. Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are quite limited in terms of their application and design options; yet they can make the perfect addition to any closet, pantry, laundry, storage room, or any other room where space is limited.

These doors also take up very little real estate, as instead of swinging outward, they fold inward. Bi-fold doors are typically equipped with doorknobs, and are available in both single and double interior door designs.

5. French Doors

Despite their signature look and classy appearance, French doors manage to be fairly versatile and can be used to divide most rooms. While most French doors feature glass panes — which allow a room to feel larger or more open — you can opt for solid doors without glass for rooms that require more privacy.

What’s more, French doors are compatible with a variety of systems and frames. Choose a pair of swinging French doors for a large space, or opt for top and bottom sliding rails in a tighter area!

Do you need help choosing the perfect style for your new interior doors?

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