5 Important Tips for Designing Front Entry Door Sidelights

Are you interested in adding sidelights to your front entry door?

Sidelights are some of the most popular additions to front entry doors, and for good reason. These glass accents can provide your home with more natural light and tie a bow on a beautiful entryway. With that said, you can’t pair just any skylights with any front entry door.

Here are 5 tips to Find the Perfect Design for Your Entry Door Sidelights:

1. Match Your Sidelights With Your Entry Door

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your sidelights and front door need to match. It should go without saying that a modern door will usually conflict with classic sidelights and vice versa.

So, design your front entry door and your sidelights in tandem so that all styles, details, and colours work well together.

2. Keep Your Sidelights to a Reasonable Size

If you want to make sure that your sidelights let through plenty of sunlight, you may be tempted to make them as large as possible.

However, large sidelights can quickly compete with the entry door itself and detract from your entryway’s appearance. As a rule of thumb, make sure your sidelights are no larger than half of the width of your entry door!

3. Coordinate Your Sidelights and Transom

If you plan on adding both sidelights and a transom to your custom wood door, it’s important that you coordinate these two features very carefully — just as you would with your door and sidelights.

If you opt for two different designs, at least one of these accents is going to feel out of place. So, make sure you match styles, patterns, materials, colours, and any other details when designing your sidelights and transom window.

4. Use Heavy-Duty or Textured Glass if You’re Worried About Security

Security is one of the most common concerns that customers have regarding sidelights. For the most part, however, door systems with sidelights are believed to be just as secure as door systems without sidelights.

But if you’d prefer to double-down on security and put your mind at ease, consider heavy-duty glass — such as hurricane impact glass — for your sidelights. You can also prevent strangers from looking into your home by opting for textured glass.

5. Go With Insulated Sidelights for Extra Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that doors and windows are some of the most vulnerable areas of your home when it comes to energy efficiency. The truth is that adding sidelights can easily cause your home to lose even more hot and cold air — potentially causing a spike in your energy bill.

Choose materials that are filled with insulating materials or sidelights that are equipped with insulated coatings. This will go a long way towards helping your home retain as much hot and cold air as possible.

Want to make sure that you land the perfect design for your custom front entry door and sidelights? Contact the experts at Traditional Door today to discuss a plethora of design options and find the perfect entryway design for your home!