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6 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood for Your Front Entry Door

Not sure which type of material to use for your custom front entry door?

Today, most entry doors are made from one of three materials — wood, steel, and fiberglass. As you would imagine, each type of material comes with its own pros and cons. At Traditional Door, we are partial to wood doors, as they provide a handful of benefits.

Here are 6 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood When Designing and Ordering a New Custom Entry Door!

1. Wood is very durable

Because both steel and fiberglass are very long-lasting, wood unfairly gets a bad rap for being the “least” durable of the three options. It’s worth noting, however, that wood is very durable in its own right.

A top-notch custom wood entry door will typically last for more than 100 years with minimal rotting or damage. Carefully crafted and engineered to withstand the elements, a custom wood door boasts even greater durability than your run-of-the-mill wood door.

2. Wood is very energy-efficient

It’s no secret that fiberglass is the most energy-efficient material you can use for a front entry door.

A wood door, however, is more efficient than a steel door and can even approximate the energy efficiency of fiberglass — particularly if you opt for a hardwood such as oak, cherry, or walnut.

3. Wood is easily customizable

If you’re looking to add different types of accents and features to your front entry door or adopt a style of door that is a seamless match for your home, wood is going to provide you with the most customization and flexibility.

When you opt for wood, there are dozens of softwoods and hardwoods to choose from, as well as all kinds of panel designs and layouts.

4. Wood is easy to repair

As wood is dense but not impenetrable, it can be sanded down and repainted fairly easy. What’s more, the unique texture of the wood grain is often able to mask certain blemishes.

In the case of steel or fiberglass, on the other hand, scratches and dents are more visible and are significantly more difficult to repair.

5. Wood adds natural beauty

If you want your home to appear cozy, beautiful, and welcoming to friends and family, wood is by far your best option. While steel and fiberglass are both quite efficient, they don’t hold a candle to the charm and character that a solid wood door provides.

Inject your home with a sense of natural beauty by choosing wood for your custom front entry door.

6. Wood boosts your home’s value

Although wood doors tend to be more expensive than both steel doors and fiberglass doors, it’s for this same reason that they add the greatest value to a home.

While you may need to part with a little more money upfront, make the investment today and raise your home’s value for the future!


At Traditional Door, custom wood doors are our specialty. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can design and build the perfect wood entry door for your Toronto home!