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Reinforce & Customize Your Wood Doors for Increase Safety

Are Wooden Doors Safe? 

Most people have custom wooden exterior doors in their homes … but how safe are they, exactly?

This is a question that countless customers ask themselves when considering the different options for their front entryways and back custom wood doors. After all, the piece of wood you install might be the only thing preventing a burglar from breaking into your home!

Spoiler alert—wooden doors are much safer than you might think; and yet, there are a number of customizations you can make to maximize their safety.

5 Tips to Make To Customize & Reinforce Your Doors 

Make the following customizations when designing your next wooden exterior door to make it as sturdy and secure as possible!

1. Avoid Adding Glazing/Windows if Possible

You may be tempted to add glazing/windows to your exterior door, as they can add character to your door design and allow a little extra natural light to shine through.

The truth is, however, that the addition of a window immediately makes it the most vulnerable component of your exterior wooden door. Glass is not only less dense than wood but it also allows strangers to make out figures and movement inside your home.

2. Choose a Dense Hardwood

Not all woods are created equal. Generally speaking, most hardwoods are at least a little sturdier than most softwoods.

Although you might enjoy the cost savings of a pine, poplar, or alder door, there are denser woods that are much more difficult to break through—namely, ash, oak, and maple.

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3. Invest in Your Doorframe

Your wooden exterior door is one component in an entire door system. In other words, make sure you don’t neglect the doorframe!

A hard, dense wood—such as mahogany or oak—will prove to be significantly sturdier than your average, inexpensive interior doorframe. You can even reinforce a wooden door with a steel or metal doorframe!

4. Choose a High-Security Locking System

When designing a new wooden exterior door, there is a handful of locking mechanisms to choose from—including five-lever mortice locks, latches, and more.

A deadbolt arguably offers the greatest level of security, as burglars cannot force these types of locks open using a credit card or knife. You can also double down on security by pairing your deadbolt locking system with a door chain!

5. Install a Peephole

Do you feel anxious whenever you hear a knock at your door? With a peephole installed, you’ll be able to view the person outside your home before deciding to open up. A wide-angled peephole, more specifically, will give you a broad range of views.

While a peephole doesn’t provide much in terms of the sturdiness and security of the door itself, it will give you peace of mind whenever someone knocks at your wooden door!

Now that you know how to maximize the security of your wooden door, you can design and purchase your next custom wooden exterior door with confidence.  Traditional Door is Ontario’s leading manufacturer of wood doors, mouldings and millwork. Get in touch with one of the experts today and ask them to give you a hand. Submit a form or give us a call!