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4 Steps to Make a Statement With Your Front Door

Looking to part with your outdated front door and install a new custom door that really pops?

When friends and neighbours drive past your house, your front door is one of the first things they will notice. If you want to make a great impression and have your home showcase your own personality and style, updating your front door is a great way to achieve this.

Follow this four-step process to replace your bland front door with one that stands out and makes your home feel complete!

1. Choose Your Material

While the majority of front doors are made from wood, you might prefer an aluminum or glass door instead.

Keep in mind, however, that wood gives you complete control over the colour of your front door. If you’re looking to make your door truly stand out against the rest of your home, a custom wood door is the most versatile option by far!

2. Choose Your Design

If you chose wood for your door’s material, you have a handful of design options to consider.

Rather than opting for a traditional panelled door, however, consider a more modern design—a door that uses a single sheet of wood or horizontal panels, for example.

You can also make your front door stand out with a few accents, such as glass inserts and textures.

3. Choose Your Colour/Finish

If you’re someone who has spent the last few years with a white or brown front door, you might be eager to finally pick out a bold colour that reflects your own personality. At the same time, the sheer number of colour options that are available might be overwhelming.

To land the perfect colour for your front door, ask the following questions:

  • Do I want there to be a contrast between the door and my home?
  • How bold do I want to be with the colour choice?
  • Does my home’s exterior have any accents that I want my front door to match?

For a bold or contrasting door, you will want to offset the shade of your home with a much different shade. If your home is white or light gray, for example, you will want to select a much darker colour to create a contrasting effect. If your home is dark blue or brown, on the other hand, you will want to select a much brighter colour.

At the end of the day, there are no wrong options—choose the colour you like most. If you’re unsure of your choice, you can look at photos of similar doors or consult one of the custom door professionals here at Traditional Door!

Here are some wood stain options you should consider: Wood Stain Colours

4. Choose Your Hardware

Last but not least, you will need to choose hardware for your new front door. Of course, a bold or contrasting colour is more than enough to make your front door pop. Unique hardware is just the icing on top!

There are hundreds of modern doorknob and handle designs out there. Rather than settling for a traditional brass doorknob, identify hardware that will catch a guest’s eye!

Remember, nothing in your home makes a statement quite like a bold, custom front door. Contact one of the experts at Traditional Door today for all of your custom door needs. We would love to help! You can give us a call at + 1 (416) 747-1992.