How to Choose the Best Style for Your Home’s Custom Doors?

Choosing the right style for your custom doors is no walk in the park.

In fact, many homeowners struggle with the decision. From arched and panelled doors to French doors and sliding doors, the options are seemingly endless. So how do you identify the perfect fit for your home?

Here are a handful of important tips to keep in mind as you make your decision!

Your custom door should match the architectural style of your home!

While you might be tempted to choose a style of the door based on your own wants and preferences, it’s critical that you consider the architectural style of your home before making any decision.

Panelled doors designs, for example, are fairly safe and standard—making them a good option for Cape Cod, craftsman, and colonial-style homes. Arched doors, on the other hand, work well with homes that already possess some historical charm but may look out of place with contemporary or modern styles.

Consider the location of the door: interior or exterior door?

The location of your new door should also play a role in the style you choose. Although a panelled door may be a great option for a room that requires privacy—such as a bathroom or bedroom—it may stifle a scenic view when used as a patio door.

Conversely, a pair of French doors isn’t always the best option for a front entry, but it can effectively divide two rooms inside your home and help create a sense of space.

A gorgeous arched door may draw the right amount of attention to your home’s exterior, but it may look out of place when used as a bedroom door.

Take the sun into account

Another factor to consider when choosing a custom door style is sunlight—particularly if you’re looking to install an exterior door in Toronto.

While solid custom wood doors will prevent sunlight from passing through, French doors and certain sliding doors can allow natural sunlight to brighten a dark room. A little extra sunlight may be desirable when your home lacks windows or high-quality lighting. In other cases, you might already have plenty of natural sunlight entering your home and adding more windows might be unnecessary. What’s more, transparent doors often come at the expense of privacy.

Discuss your options with a residential custom door expert

The reality is that there are a lot of door styles to consider and you may not be taking all factors into consideration when making your decision. For this reason, it’s wise to discuss all of your custom wood door options with a professional—such as one of the many experts here at Traditional Door.

A professional will take a look at your home’s architectural style, help you weigh up all of the different factors, and make sensible recommendations so that you can choose the ideal wooden door for your home!

Need help choosing the right style for your custom wood doors in Toronto, Ontario? Give us a call!  As the leading manufacturer of wood doors in Toronto, we would love to help you design and build the perfect set of custom doors for your home!