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7 Signs That It’s Time to Replace One of Your Doors

A high-quality wood door, although typically very sturdy and durable, will eventually break down. Perhaps you have noticed visible changes to your door over the past few years, or maybe it no longer functions as it should.

If one or more of your home’s doors exhibits any of the following signs, it may be time to replace it with a new custom wood door!

1. The wood door has become difficult to use

A well-functioning door should be able to open and close with little difficulty or resistance.
If you’re struggling to maneuver one of your interior or exterior doors without applying a significant amount of force, it might be time to replace it.

2. The style of your door has become outdated

While some older styles of wood doors are able to maintain their charm decades later, other styles may become unstylish or outdated. What’s more, your own personal tastes are likely to change over time. If there is a certain style of door that catches your eye, there is no shame in simply replacing your old one! Why not go for a custom wood door instead? A custom wood door guarantees you that you will be getting a door that fits your style and the design of your house. 

3. Other areas of your home have been updated

If you’ve recently made additions or renovations to your home, the reality is that the colour or style of your existing door might no longer be the perfect match that it once was. Take a good look at the entire room and determine whether your current door appears out of place. Is it? Start imaging how a custom wood door would look in there.

4. The door has been damaged

It’s likely that one of your doors will be scratched, dented, or cracked at some point. This can happen especially if you have young children. Of course, minor blemishes can often be repaired. However, certain damage might not be worth what it costs you to repair it. Instead, consider investing in a new wood door.

5. The hardware has been damaged

Similarly, the mechanism of a hinge, handle, or lock can be damaged over time—whether it’s from rust, heavy use, or poor quality overall. Of course, a faulty mechanism can be inconvenient; but it can also present a security threat.

While it may be possible to replace only the hardware and keep the door itself, you can just as easily opt to replace the door entirely.

6. The door isn’t blocking noise

A high-quality, well-fitted interior wood door will block a certain amount of noise from passing between rooms. As the door breaks down, warps, and changes over time, however, you might notice that is no longer blocks the same amount of sound.

When sound becomes increasingly difficult to control, you can probably benefit from investing in a new door.

7. The door isn’t insulating well

Exterior doors and windows play a significant role in preventing outdoor temperatures from impacting the temperature inside your home.

When a door doesn’t offer proper insulation, the result is higher energy usage—and subsequently, higher energy bills. A new custom door will pay for itself by getting your energy bills back under control!

So, are your home’s doors showing clear signs of wear and tear? If they are, and it is time for you to replace your exterior or interior doors, the team at Traditional Door can help you replace them with a set of gorgeous custom doors in Toronto. Get in touch with us today!