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4 Important Tips for Maintaining Your Exterior Wood Doors

When it comes to preserving your exterior custom-made wood doors, maintenance is key.

In many cases, a little maintenance can be the difference between a door lasting for several years or several decades. Fortunately, most routine maintenance tasks can be performed at home with only a few simple tools.

Here are our top tips for maintaining exterior wood doors in Toronto!

1. Dust Your Home Frequently

There are all types of dirt and debris particles that can impact your exterior door’s finish and hardware. While seemingly harmless, these particles will eventually eat away at your door’s protective coating,

So, make a habit of dusting your home—including your door—at least once per week. You can achieve this with a conventional duster or a soft, damp rag.

2. Wash Your Door Regularly

Given all of the grime that can build up on your door from dirty hands, mud, bad weather, and the environment, it’s important that you wash your exterior wood door at least once per month.

If you live in a high-pollution area, you may need to do this as often as once per week.

To start, find a smooth, soft cloth or sponge. Avoid steel wool or rags with harsh textures that could scratch your door. Using water and a mild dish soap, gently rub the cloth over the surface of your door until all dirt has been removed.

Using a second rag and disinfectant spray, wipe down all of the door’s hardware—including handles, hinges, and latches. This will not only stop dirt from corroding the hardware but also prevent bacteria from building up.

3. Polish Your Door As Needed

After cleaning and washing your custom-made residential exterior doors, you may notice that they have lost some of their normal luster. Fortunately, you can restore their sheen with a simple polish.

Using a clean cloth, gently rub a modest amount of high-quality furniture polish across the door’s surface. Be careful not to apply too much of the product, as it is not a substitute for your door’s finish.

4. Give Your Door a New Finish

When it comes to protecting custom-made residential exterior doors, the finish is the first line of defence. Without this protective coating in place, exterior doors are more susceptible to scratches, chips, and moisture.

First, inspect your door to determine whether it needs to be refinished. Then, choose a paint, wood stain, varnish, or another type of finish that will pair well with the hardwood. Before you begin the refinishing process, remember to remove the door from its hinges and tape up any hardware.

If most of the original finish has worn off, you may be able to remove any remaining areas by lightly sanding the door. Otherwise, you may need to remove the old finish with a chemical stripper. Next, wipe down the entire door down to remove any sawdust. Finally, apply a few coats of the finish before rehanging your door!

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