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9 Common Solid Wood Door Issues You Can Fix on Your Own

Do your traditional wood doors need a little attention?

It’s important to remember that not all issues require the expertise of a professional. In fact, there are several problems that—with some basic knowledge and a few tools—you can tackle yourself!

Here are nine common issues with traditional wooden doors that you can repair on your own!

1. Your Door Has a Small Crack

With most traditional wooden doors, there is only a certain amount of cosmetic damage you can repair with tools at home. If a crack is small enough, however, you can apply putty to the crack using a toothpick.

2. Your Door Doesn’t Stay Open

If your door closes on its own, it’s possible that it isn’t sitting straight on the hinges or that the hinges aren’t properly aligned. Remove a pin from the problematic hinge and move it into position before tightening all screws.

3. Your Door Squeaks

In many cases, a squeaky hinge can be resolved simply by applying lubricant to the hinge. If this doesn’t fix the issue, or you find that the hinge pin sticks, you may need to replace the door hinge altogether.

4. Your Door Sticks

If your door is difficult to open, assess the space between the door and the frame for any obstruction. Next, check the hinges for dirt or loose screws. If cleaning the area doesn’t fix the issue, use a piece of cardboard to shim the hinge opposite to the area of the door that is sticking.

5. Your Door Doesn’t Latch

Much of the time, exterior wood doors don’t latch because the hinges have become too loose. Make sure the screws are tight. Be careful not to overtighten and strip them, however.

6. Your Strike Plate Is Out of Alignment

A misaligned or faulty strike plate may prevent the door latch from reaching the hole in the plate. If the strike plate is damaged, replace it. Otherwise, loosen the plate’s screws, gently tap the plate back into place, and tighten the screws.

7. Your Door Handle Is Stiff

If you’re finding it more and more difficult to turn your door handle, spray the latch system with oil. Then, rotate the handle back and forth for a few minutes so that the oil is dispersed evenly.

8. Your Door Is Hitting the Wall

Forcefully opening a door can cause the door handle to damage the wall. To avoid this issue, install a stopper to the skirting board. This will catch the door before the door handle hits the wall.

9. Your Sliding Door Doesn’t Slide Smoothly

f you have sliding interior custom wood doors, dirt and debris will likely build up on the tracks over time. This will prevent you from opening and closing your doors with ease. Vacuum up the dirt or use a wet rag to remove the gunk.

If there is extensive damage to your traditional wood doors, it might be time to consider ordering new custom wood doors for your home.

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