What Are the Differences Between Interior Panel and Interior French Doors?

Should you order interior panel doors or interior French doors for your home?

For centuries, these doors have been used throughout homes all over the world. Even today, they remain two of the most popular options. However, it’s worth noting that each style brings a different aesthetic to the home.

Which kind of custom interior wood doors in Toronto are the best fit for your home? Keep reading to learn about these doors and some of their biggest differences!

Custom Interior Panel Doors in Toronto

Design: Aside from perhaps the stock-standard flush door, the interior panel door design is arguably the most common style of door found in homes today. Unlike the flush door, the interior panel door is constructed from multiple pieces of wood, or “panels”.

Depending on the home, room, and the homeowner’s preferences, a panel door may consist of two, three, four, five, or even upwards of six panels. Rails and stiles—horizontal and vertical pieces of wood—are used to hold these panels in place while giving the door an added sense of dimension and detail.

While homeowners may opt for double-panel doors in certain instances, single-panel doors are most common in homes and are popular options for bedrooms and bathrooms in particular.

Features: Aside from hardware, interior panel doors are fairly standard and do not tend to include any additional features. With that said, ordering interior panel doors in Toronto from a door manufacturer like Traditional Door will allow you to fully customize your panel door’s design from top to bottom.

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Cost: One of the main advantages of choosing panel doors over flush doors or French doors is their price point. In most cases, panel doors are more affordable than other types of doors on the market.

Custom Interior French Doors in Toronto

Design: Having originated in France during the 16th century, French doors are a crossover between doors and windows—combining the purpose and functionality of a traditional swinging wood door with the elegance of glass window panes.

Typically, French doors are taller and wider than most interior doors. What’s more, they are often used as double doors, allowing the homeowner to pin both doors open and improve traffic flow from one room to the next.

Features: The French door’s most notable feature is its glasswork, which usually makes up the majority of the door’s construction. This makes it the perfect option for homeowners who are looking to either increase the amount of natural light in their homes or make an area seem larger than it actually is. Like panel doors, custom French doors also include hardware, which you can customize by choosing a custom door manufacturer like Traditional Door!

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Cost: Given their larger size, high-quality materials, intricate design, and use of glasswork, it should come as no surprise that interior French doors in Toronto tend to be more expensive than panel doors. However, their elegant appearance is well worth the higher price point.

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