4 Benefits of Choosing Custom Glasswork for Your Solid Wood Entry Door

No feature enhances solid wood doors in Toronto quite like high-quality custom glasswork.
As you’re in the process of designing a brand new custom front entry door, maybe you’re comparing a bevy of design options, or perhaps you’re unsure of the value that custom glasswork will add to your home.

In any case, here are the top four benefits of adding custom glasswork to your Toronto exterior doors!

1. Custom Glasswork Increases Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your front door is one of the first features people notice when driving by your property or visiting your home. By adding custom glasswork, you can make not only your front door but also your entire home stand out.

While most of your home’s exterior features are likely to be rugged and practical, glasswork will bring a sense of elegance and glamour that very few exterior features are able to showcase.

2. Custom Glasswork Raises the Value of Your Home

Whether you plan to put your home on the market in the near future or 30 years down the road, custom glasswork is an addition that will only increase the value of both your solid wood doors in Toronto and your home—allowing you to raise your asking price. To many home buyers, the front entry door is such an important home feature that the addition of glasswork might even serve as the tiebreaker between two comparable homes!

3. Custom Glasswork Allows More Natural Light to Enter Your Home

From an interior design perspective, natural light is by far the most desirable type of light in most spaces—which is why many homeowners are always looking for new ways to maximize the amount of natural light that shines throughout their homes.

Custom glasswork allows you to enjoy more natural light in an area of your home that, for logistical purposes, might be lacking windows, skylights, and most types of glasswork—your front entryway.

4. Custom Glasswork Comes With Versatile Privacy Options

If you’re worried that glasswork will automatically compromise your privacy and the security of your Toronto exterior doors, fear not—there are all kinds of custom glasswork that allow for various levels of visibility.

Glasswork privacy levels are measured on a ten-point scale. Zero to three points is considered low privacy. This glass is clear and allows plenty of light through. Four to six points is considered medium privacy. This glass largely obscures objects on the other side of the glass so that only shapes and colours can be detected, and it allows a moderate amount of light through.

Seven to ten points is considered high privacy, and this glass allows minimal light through. Keep in mind that a higher privacy rating will require that you sacrifice some natural light, and vice versa.

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